History of Ace

TLD ACE was founded in 1953, under the name of Accessory Controls & Equipment Corporation, to manufacture unique test equipment for the aviation industry. By the mid 1950′s, with the introduction of jet airliners, the ACE product line expanded to include airline ground support equipment (Stored air or Bottle Jet Starters) and support equipment for use by utility companies at gas turbine power generating plants. In the late 1950′s, ACE helped usher in the space age with custom designed environmental control systems for launch pad use.

Through the 1960′s further evolutions of the product line resulted in corporate growth and added military applications to the environmental control products.

All product lines were expanded in the 1970′s and the markets for these products became global in nature. ACE advances in environmental control systems have placed the company years ahead of any competitor.

In 1980 TLD ACE introduced the first screw compressors to the ground support industry. In 1983, the first ACE continuous flow Jet Starter with an AERZEN compressor was designed and produced. In the early 1980′s TLD ACE was instrumental in developing the world’s largest screw compressors with female rotor drive. In 1989, TLD ACE purchased the assets of NORDCO to expand the product range of ACE.

In 1990, TLD ACE introduced the first ground support environmental control system to use R-134a, an ozone safe refrigerant. TLD ACE introduced its GPU line in 1990. ACE was acquired by TLD Group in 1991 and subsequently TLD ACE primary focus became to develop its commercial product lines and sales with the support of the TLD network.

ACE-272 Aircraft Heater Cart

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