Our commitment

TLD’s motto is “Local support, total commitment”. As well as being reliable and easy to use and maintain, our complete range of equipment is backed up by a unique and unparalleled global and local customer support network.

– 40 sales and service offices spread over 20 countries.
– Over 100 employees dedicated to after sale support through spare parts and on-site technical services.
– Spare parts inventory in excess of USD 30 million in spare parts hubs spread over the five continents.

TLD brings second to none support services, while being flexible and responsive to your operational needs. Our customer support, unique in the industry, directly reflects our employees’ ingenuity, work ethic and remarkable attention to quality.

Our customer commitment means supporting your equipment throughout its life cycle. From design to manufacturing, to 24/7 service support worldwide, TLD provides one of a kind customer support – a reference point in the industry.

Every request is recorded and tracked through the “TLD on Call” system to ensure that all problems, challenges or trouble-shooting is managed diligently and transparently. In the same way, the availability of spare parts and instant shipment is monitored precisely. All this is managed by a dedicated and trustworthy organization.

TLD’s “Local Support, Total Commitment” motto is not only demonstrated by our outstanding people, but also by our state of the art information technology systems, designed to address today’s operational challenges in our industry. Precise and focused on performance, TLD Extranet features are easily accessible to you, anywhere, anytime. They allow you to:

– Get an overview of your complete fleet of TLD equipment online
– Have access to detailed manuals for each piece of equipment
– Get informed and download all technical bulletins and software updates
– Follow up TLD after sales activity on your equipment
– Buy parts online, directly selected from the manuals, and monitor delivery status
– Download detailed TLD equipment datasheets
– And much more…

Beyond our easy access to electronic and printed resources, we also offer a telephone support service. We work to your schedule and your requirements day-in day-out.

Our commitment to support allows you to:

– Reduce the operational downtime of your equipment, using OEM parts and fully qualified technicians.
– Protect your investment by ensuring reliably, lifelong support, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.
– Leverage the unique strength of the leading GSE manufacturing group and support network throughout the world.

In today’s competitive airports, airlines and aerospace environment, GSE performance plays a significant role in determining your operational excellence and your bottom line. TLD’s “Local Support, Total Commitment” is a crucial tool to reaching your goals.

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