The ACE-814 products are compact, self-contained, trailer-mounted, diesel engine or electric motor driven Liquid Coolant Supply (LCS) Cart designed to supply chilled EGW coolant to the aircraft liquid coolant loop for the purpose of removing the electrical heat loads from the avionics liquid cooling subsystem of surveillance aircraft. Using R-134a refrigerant, the ACE-814-924S is environmentally safe causing no damage to the atmospheric ozone. The units employ a liquid to liquid refrigeration system. The mobile cart is designed to service the Boeing E-3A Sentry A.W.A.C.S. (airborne Warning and Control System), the E-6A Tacamo, and other similarly equipped aircraft. The cart is compact and lightweight, easily maneuvered around aircraft and other GSE, and permits economical air deployment as it is C-130 transportable. An illuminated control panel is provided for night time operation.