15 Nov 2019

Award winning TLD SHA Electricians

On Oct 26th, 2019, on behalf of TLDShanghai, Mr. LI Qiang, Mr. YUAN Bingqing and Mr. SHEN Junjie participated in the “LIN GANG CUP” jointly sponsored by Workers’ Trade Unions and the “Human Resources and Social Security Bureau” of Shanghai Pudong New Area.

Both of them displayed superb proficient skills and good professional spirit, and finally won the Third Group Award for the best Electrician Professional skills group competition. 58 representatives of 19 enterprises from various industries in Pudong New Area participated in the “Best Electrician competition”.

As the only wining company in Zhoupu Area, the town trade union publicly praised TLD SHA. We would like to congratulate our three colleagues on their excellent performance in this competition. To encourage everyone to continuously improve their professional skills, the company decided to offer 300 RMB cash reward to each award-winner.

Meanwhile, Zhoupu Town Labour Union decided to give a 300 Yuan cash award and Pudong New Area trade union decides to give you 500 Yuan cash award. It is hoped that employees who receive the recognition can cherish the honour and make persistent efforts to constantly improve their professional skills.

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