09 Sep 2021

Alvest Publishes its COP with the United Nations’ Global Compact

Last year we made the choice to embark, under the Alvest banner, on the United Nation Global Compact Program as a member of their French Chapter.

Following a year of intense work with all teams involved in the group, (including TLD – an ALVEST GROUP Company), has put us in the position to submit our first “COP” or “Communication on Progress” to the United Nations.

This is an important step for our group as it underlines even more our ALVEST mission to “Help Aviation become Leaner & Greener”, and fits well with our ISO 14001 certification and Solar Impulse Foundation labels. Our industry needs to control and reduce its impact on the environment and to bring a positive human and social contribution to the society and the people.

The achievement of our goal is supported by our long-term vision, our culture and values that are rooted in service, integrity, respect of each other, transparency and accountability vis-à-vis all our stakeholders.

You can now find the Alvest official “Communication on Progress” on the “United Nations” pages: https://lnkd.in/eKKSWBMh

The solid work of all teams involved, allowed us to qualify for the Advanced Level (Learner ► Active ► Advanced). This is a unique entry in the United Nations books as we are the only GSE manufacturer member to date.

Our actions for the upcoming year will continue and ensure our Group continues to progress towards implementing all relevant best practices of the Global Compact Advanced level, following the Global Compact’s Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership.

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