13 Nov 2017

KLM has awarded to TLD the replacement of its Lower Deck Loader with a full electric fleet, recognizing the performance of the TXL-838-reGen®

As part of its Green strategy, KLM has awarded to TLD the replacement program of its Lower Deck Loader fleet. The decision has been made by KLM to move to a full electric fleet and the selection of TLD as a partner has followed almost a year of performance assessment of the TLD TXL-838-reGen alongside its competitors in the market. KLM has performed extensive tests on all units, and the reGen system has demonstrated its technical leadership, allowing TLD to be the only one player to be able to perform systematically the full daily duty cycle with one battery charge.

The replacement program will start early 2018.
The TXL-838-reGen is a battery powered self-propelled, dual-platform electrical loader designed to transfer containers and pallets weighing up to 7 600 kg (16,700 lbs.) TXL-838-reGen is available in Standard, Wide, Universal and Superior configurations to service all commercial aircrafts requirement.

The TXL-838-reGen features a unique, patented TLD designed system that optimizes the energy consumption and battery life thanks to an innovative power management system that includes the regeneration into super-capacitors of the energy, usually lost, of the elevator going down as well as a “direct drive” driving system avoiding hydraulic circuit energy losses. The electrical components installed on the TXL-838-reGen are 80 Volts, off the shelf and already commonly used and known in the GSE industry that eases and reduces the cost of its maintenance.

This state of the art system provides the TXL-838-reGen the best autonomy along with a significantly reduced operating cost compared to an engine powered loader while keeping the same performance.

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