09 Mar 2018

RBL, the last belt loader developed by TLD

The RBL (Regional Belt Loader) is the latest product developed by TLD at its Saint Lin factory in France. This innovative belt loader addresses the unique requirements for regional/narrow body aircraft up to A320 series and B737. The RBL is self-propelled unit offering enhanced features and additional versatility to currently available towable and the walk behind belt loader models.

The RBL is a compact unit; a 6 meter length boom is advantageous on congested airport ramps but offers right-sized performance for Regional aircraft. Electrically operated (80V battery-powered), the RBL is a green machine eliminating emissions, noise and vibration and the battery is sized to allow one full day of operation on a single charge.

The onboard standing driving station with the tiller head (forklift style) allows for operators to easily enter and exit the control area for fast, safe and easy operation. Fully meeting the TLD DNA design criteria of Simple, Reliable and Easy to Maintain, the RBL maintenance is reduced to a minimum optimizing the TCO.

A world-leader in belt loader production, TLD utilizes proven components from the NBL product line and existing production efficiencies to offer the RBL as a very cost effective new offering to the Regional belt loader market.

Since its introduction at the Munich show in October 2017, RBL production continues to increase with units now in operations in Europe and North America.

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