03 Jan 2018

STL 30th Anniversary

In April 1987 few people decided to create ERMA, a new GSE company. The company started really small, but with great ambitions, and was based in rental buildings near Parthenay. A couple of years later ERMA found some buildings available for sale in this small village : Saint Lin. After a successful start in the GSE industry, ERMA quickly joined the TLD Group in 1991. The Saint Lin Business Unit (TLD STL) was born.

Since then TLD STL had a significant growth along the years due to several important projects. In 1995, the manufacturing of 12 Super Cargo Loaders for Airbus “pushed the walls” of the workshops, the factory was extended. In 2003, we integrated the passenger steps activity in the factory with the merger of Albret company, another well known GSE company also bought by TLD few years earlier.

During the last 10 years, TLD STL has developed several new successful products such as the JET-16 and the ASD, but also completed its range of product with the development of the 3.5 tons loader TXL-737 and transporter-loader TFE-3.5. Lately, TLD STL launched the new regional belt loader concept : The RBL.
TLD STL also started producing a couple of years ago the world best seller GPU 90 KVA as part of the TLD RANGER program.
As part of its Innovative DNA, TLD STL works to prepare the future with autonomous vehicle projects, such as the TRACTEASY.

This year TLD STL factory proudly celebrated its 30th Anniversary with an exceptional and record year thanks to the work of a dedicated team. At the end of 2017, we reached more than 1100 units delibered ! What a journey !

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