19 Jul 2019

TLD and Adhetec ‘Launch’ Angry Birds Boeing 737-800

ADHETEC, an Alvest company, was recently involved in the re-branding of a new Boeing Company 737-800 aircraft, on behalf of the Neos Airline, in support of the launch of the ‘Angry Birds 2’ film.
Although the original design was conceptualised at the customers design centre, Adhetec transferred the 2D design to 3D and facilitated the printing, painting, cutting and installation of the artwork.
The livery was applied at Verona Airport, Italy and took the 4 trained Adhetec staff just 2 days to apply in the Neos maintenance hanger.
The short turnaround, (only 12 days from concept to completion), was achieved through the expertise and professionalism of a company used to operating within tight deadlines.
The branded Neos 737-800 is set to travel to various Mediterranean destinations over the coming weeks, and with a 2nd aircraft livery in the project stage, will further increase the profile of the Italian lo-cost airline.
Click the picture below to watch the time lapse video of the Adhetec team at work, and the TLD towbarless tractor transport the aircraft to the runway for its maiden flight.

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