11 Feb 2016

TLD Wuxi extension completed

In 2011, TLD moved its Wuxi site in China to a new building built according to the most demanding international standards. This very modern factory is dedicated to the production of aircraft loaders and conventional push back tractors, as well as baggage tractors and aircraft lavatory and water trucks. In view of the business expansion in China and abroad, the decision was taken as early as 2014 to launch the phase two of this project.

TLD Wuxi extension has been completed at the end of 2015. The new building  covers an area of 8300 m2, including 1,200 m2 of additional office space. With this phase 2 project completed, TLD Wuxi becomes one of the largest facility of TLD with a total building area close to 20,000 m2 , including 2,800 m2 of office area.

This enhancement of the Wuxi facility will allow the local team to work in optimum  conditions and tackle the market demand in the best possible way.


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