ACU - 902

The ACU-902 is an ecologically smart choice to satisfy the requirements of all aircraft operators, regardless of fleet size or location.

The ACU-902 ensures passenger comfort while minimizing energy consumption and generated noise.

The Advanced Control System automatically regulates the delivered air pressure and temperature by sensing ambient conditions and aircraft temperature, and supplying precisely the cooling (or heating) required.

This is smart energy usage – a key characteristic of the ACU-902.

Another smart choice is the use of R-134a refrigerant, an environmentally safe refrigerant which causes no damage to atmospheric ozone while requesting less power for a given performance.

The ACU-902 is designed to minimize generated noise.

All equipment except the condenser fans are located in a tightly sealed and heavily insulated equipment space that isolates machinery noises from the ambient environment. The blower inlet is lined with special material designed to absorb blower noise before it can be released into the environment.

The ACU-902 is designed to 80 dB(A) at 3 meters during full load operation, and is nearly silent during partial load conditions.

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