CHTP - PM5.9

The CHTP PM-5.9 is a self propelled vehicle equipped with a liftable lounge , for the transportation of elderly people or handicapped people between airport concourse and aircraft door and vice-versa. Installable on various commercial trucks with G.V.W. between 7.5 tons and 8.5 tons (depending on options). This vehicle allows the transportation of a maximum of 2 handicapped persons and 2 stretchers or 6 handicapped persons at the same time as 2 attendants.

The ERMA CHTP PM-5.9 can be used on at a very large range of aircraft : from M80/B737/A319 to B747/A340/MD11. The ERMA CHTP PM-5.9 is designed for intensive use, whatever the climate conditions, with simple and low maintenance costs.

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