History of ALBRET

ALBRET was founded in 1957 in Montpellier, France.

The company became well known in the aviation business, for its manufacturing techniques in aluminum alloy welding, reinforced plastics, hydraulics, and electrical technologies.

The main products manufactured by ALBRET were maintenance platforms and aircraft docking systems for aircraft assembly and maintenance. Later ALBRET expanded into the manufacturing of aircraft passenger boarding stairs.

The first passenger stairs were produced in 1963. It was the first in a long line of equipment which is still in use at airports all around the world today.

ALBRET manufactured the first passenger stair capable of servicing the Concorde produced by Aerospatiale in Toulouse. At the time, reaching 5 meters with a passengers step was quite an achievement.

By the 1970’s, ALBRET had become a dynamic company well known in the aviation industry in Europe, Africa and the Middle Orient. Apart from passenger stairs, ALBRET began manufacturing scissor lift platforms, aluminium frames, lavatory/water trucks, loaders and disabled passenger elevators.

ALBRET was acquired by the TLD Group in 1991 and re-focused its product range on Airport Ground Support Equipment, with a complete line of passenger stairs (towed, self-propelled, or truck-mounted), as well as lavatory and water trucks.

ALBRET’s leading product is the ABS-580, developed in 1993, boasting special features such as:
• Steps made of a rigid aluminium profile
• An all fibreglass body which could be easily painted
• Fire resistant polyester side panels
• Removable canopies made of aluminum and translucent polycarbonate

Thousands of ABS-580 have been delivered globally.

In 1998, ALBRET developed and manufactured its first electric self-propelled passenger stairs. In 2002, the Montpellier site was closed and the ALBRET product lines were transferred to the TLD Saint Lin site, where they continue to prosper today.

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