History of ERMA

ERMA was founded by a group of GSE experts in 1987.

ERMA grew rapidly thanks to the confidence of its customers. Although ERMA mainly sold its products abroad, the company also enjoyed a close relationship with AIRBUS and AEROSPATIALE. As a result, ERMA designed and manufactured several special pieces of equipment for the AIRBUS facilities.

With growth and development of the company in mind, ERMA shareholders and employees sold the company to TLD in 1991.

ERMA continued to grow within the TLD Group. In 1994 AIRBUS/AEROSPATIALE awarded ERMA TLD the contract to design and manufacture 12 giant cargo loaders for the new BELUGA Aircraft. The St Lin factory had to be enlarged in order to fulfil this contract for the largest aircraft loaders in the world.

The products from the TLD Saint Lin site (previously ERMA) enjoy a strong reputation around the world for their quality and reliability. Products include transporters, belts loaders, catering trucks and special military loaders.

TERMA expertise in high capacity loaders has also contributed to TLD engineering efforts in developing the TLD Main Deck loader line, now manufactured in Sherbrooke, Canada.

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