History of TRACMA

TRACMA was created in the suburbs of Paris, France in 1953. This was the early stage of commercial jet aircrafts in Europe, and airlines had a need for special tractors to replace the farm tractors used to tow their ground power units, dollies and baggage trailers.

In 1960, TRACMA moved to a new plant in Montlouis-sur-Loire, located near Tours in the Loire Valley. The factory is still used by TLD today.

Since its creation, TRACMA has built more than 20,000 tractors, used in more than 100 countries around the world. TRACMA has become a reference name for baggage tractors in most French speaking countries.

TRACMA and AIR FRANCE were the first to design the early aircraft towbarless tractors in the 1980s, however by the late 80’s the shareholder had stopped investing in and developing new products, so the company’s business started to decline.

TRACMA was acquired by TLD in 1990. Under TLD’s impetus, development of a complete line of tractors began: baggage tractors (diesel, gas and electric), conventional aircraft tractors, as well as a second generation of towbarless aircraft tractors.

Following it’s absorption into the TLD Group, TRACMA became the TLD Montlouis site. It is the leading facility for aircraft tractor technology and a dominant player on the global aircraft tractor market.

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