Innovation and Environment

Innovation and respect for the Environment have always been linked together.

We are market leaders as a result of 60 years of continuous investment in engineering and innovation. More than 100 TLD engineers are involved in the constant development of innovative solutions for smarter, safer and lower total cost of ownership for the benefit of our customers.

Our continuous fight to reduce GSE fuel consumption through innovative design reduces CO2 and toxic emissions. This underpins the TLD Green approach. The TLD Green Spirit can be found in many of the recent innovative designs developed by our company. For nearly 25 years, TLD has offered its customers electric versions of most of our product lines: baggage tractors, belt loaders, passenger stairs, towbarless tractors, air conditioning units, and loaders.

For each piece of GSE equipped with a diesel engine, TLD always strives to use the best suited diesel engine, in its optimum conditions and constructed to the latest emission regulations. In keeping with the TLD Green Spirit, TLD has redesigned most of its product lines to reduce fuel consumption by 10-25%, while improving the performance of the equipment.

TLD’s Green Spirit is also demonstrated by our active promotion of APU avoidance programs and investment into the TaxiBot program. TLD has always believed that the most efficient way to reduce emission at airports is to shut down the aircraft engines as soon as possible and to accomplish ground movement by using lower fuel consuming- and lower emission GSE.

Innovation and the TLD Green Spirit are part of our Total Commitment.

Powering an airplane on the ground though a GPU consumes only a third of the fuel burnt by using the APU. Cooling an airplane on the ground with a mobile air conditioning unit consumes only a tenth of the fuel burnt by using the APU and the on board air cycle machine.


The TaxiBot remains the most important program in in TLD’s green innovation. Aircraft engines are an enormous polluting source when taxiing, including in terms of noise. The TaxiBot tractors will allow the pilot of the Aircraft to taxi the airplane from the gate to the runway with engines off. The use of TaxiBot requires no modification to the airplanes.

This revolutionary system, fruit of the cooperation of major companies like IAI, AIRBUS and TLD, will start operation in 2014, with Lufthansa at Frankfurt Airport.

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