The ACU-804-MIL Air Conditioning Unit is an extension of the standard ACU-804 product line.
The ACU-804-MIL is a self contained, fully portable air conditioning unit suitable for single or dual connection aircraft operating in high ambient temperature environments.
The ACU-804-MIL has been specially designed to deliver 50°F or cooler air in a 140°F ambient condition. This is sufficient to achieve and maintain comfortable cabin temperatures on any narrow or medium bodied aircraft in any climate.
The simple, but rugged design, is targeted towards ease of maintenance and reliability to support operations in high ambient conditions.
The TLD Direct Drive Technology minimizes components and enhances reliability and increases efficiency by driving the compressor and blower directly from the diesel engine.
The large and efficient condenser fan is powered by a simple hydraulic system to provide years of reliable operation.
The ACU-804-MIL utilizes a specially designed blower optimized for use on military aircraft (non-fighter).
The ACU-804-MIL is crafted using commonly available commercial, off-the-shelf components, that lesson the logistics effort required to field and supports this product.