The LCU-150 is a self-contained, trailer mounted, liquid cooling unit. The LCU-150 supplies chilled PAO, EGW, or other cooling liquid to the aircraft liquid loop to remove up to 150 kW of heat from the onboard avionics. The LCU-150 is designed with high reliability, industrial grade components to meet the demands of military service. The LCU-150’s color touchscreen allows for easy, intuitive controls and the advanced control system allows the operator to fine-tune delivery temperature and pressure or ‘set it and forget it’ with the system managing cooling operations. The LCU-150 is qualified to a wide range of military requirements and standards, including EMI, air transport, mobility, and environmental requirements. The LCU-150 is available as a self-powered diesel variant (with optional shore power) or a pure electric variant for applications where diesel power is not required. In all variants the LCU-150 is designed for ease of maintenance, with easy access to major components and troubleshooting support.