The TMX-50 is a conventional aircraft tractor, designed to push and tow a large range of aircrafts. From business and private aircrafts, helicopters and regional aircrafts to single aisle aircrafts including B737 NG3/MAX and A321. Military aircrafts operations are also planned including the accessibility on the main military transport aircrafts ramp and necessary anchoring points.

The compact design of the TMX-50, with 4 wheels drive and 4 steering wheels, allows an exceptional traction and maneuverability for precise positioning in hangars and repositioning of aircrafts in all possible climatic conditions.

This tractor is offered in 3 different versions: 4.5 tons, 6 tons and 7.8 tons allowing a draw bar pull up to 63 kN. US EPA Tier 3/EU stage 3A and US EPA T4F/EU stage 3B engines are available in 36kW and 55kW.

The TMX-50 integrates a new control station ergonomics comfortably receiving 3 people. A cab provided with a panoramic windshield as an option offers a direct view on hitches for an optimal use in complete safety.

Similar to other TLD tractors in the same power range, the TMX-50 simple design is featuring proven and validated components, allowing to provide an excellent rate of reliability and excellent operational availability. The maintenance is optimized with a fast and direct access to components to reduce preventive maintenance costs and time