International GSE Expo opens it’s doors in 5 days time and will host the world’s leading GSE manufacturers and ramp-side service providers at this essential exhibition.

TLD will be present, alongside its other Alvest Group companies, on its large bespoke designed booth 1341.

Join us from 26th-28th September in Las Vegas to view the latest environmentally considerate GSE on display, discuss our ground-breaking technology and find out how our Leaner & Greener program can benefit your operation and customers.


Join TLD, and the rest of the Alvest Group family, at this essential GSE Expo held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on 26th-28th September 2023.

Discuss with our team our latest ground support equipment, services and technology and find out how our ‘Leaner & Greener’ program can benefit the environment, and improve operational efficiencies whilst reducing expenditure. 

Booth No – 1341
Event – International GSE Expo
Location – Las Vegas

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今年在迪拜世界贸易中心举行的机场展的第一天已经敞开大门。 TLD与姊妹公司一起在 8210 号展位展出 智能机场系统AERO Specialties提供全面的 360 度 GSE 体验,包括最新的智能航空和环保的坡道解决方案。TLD帮助航空业变得更精简、更环保。 我们期待在展位上见到您!

国际 GSE 博览会提供互动机会,让您可以亲眼目睹当今影响航空 GSE 市场的产品、设备和技术。博览会将于 10 月 5 日至 7 日在拉斯维加斯举行, TLD将在展位 511。

快来拜访我们,亲眼看看我们最新开发的 GSE,以帮助使航空更精益和更环保