TLD is proud to be supporting China Eastern Airlines as they take delivery of their first Comac C919 narrowbody with commercial flights anticipated to commence in early 2023.



Schiphol and partners have started conducting follow-up sustainable taxiing tests. At the airport, a KLM plane drove from Schiphol-Centre to and from a platform near the Zwanenburgbaan Runway with its engines switched off. This way of taxiing can significantly reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2, nitrogen and ultrafine particle emissions. This trial run marks the start of various tests with the two semi-robotic taxiing systems that Schiphol purchased earlier this year.

TaxiBots will be deployed at the airport over the next year and a half. The TaxiBots will take some planes to a location further away from the gate and en route to the runway to start their engines there. Further operational experience with this vehicle will be gained by carrying out pushbacks and by towing empty aircraft.

Polderbaan preparations
According to the original plan, continual test drives to and from the Polderbaan Runway were to have been carried out at the moment. The plan has been modified and now studies, simulations and tests will be carried out over the next eighteen months and as much experience as possible will be gained with the TaxiBots. The aim is to test, introduce and scale up new procedures for sustainable taxiing to and from the Polderbaan, among other locations, from mid-2024.

Sustainable taxiing as standard
Schiphol is striving for sustainable taxiing at the airport in 2030, together with Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL), KLM, Transavia, Corendon Dutch Airlines, TUIfly and ground handling companies dnata, Swissport, Viggo, KLM Ground Services and TaxiBot provider Smart Airport Systems. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is supporting the initiative. The tests are part of European initiatives within the framework of the ALBATROSS-consortium and its successor: HERON. These subsidy projects aim to make aviation more sustainable.

TLD TaxiBot pictures reproduced with kind permission from Royal Schiphol Group.

向法国 TITAN AVIATION® Avignon 交付了 100% 电动 TITAN-eTR3 加油拖车取得了巨大成功。

这些加油拖车是与@TLD合作设计的,@TLD 还提供了 100% 电动#Jet16行李牵引车。

TLD 继续其使命,帮助使航空业更精简、更环保。

今年在迪拜世界贸易中心举行的机场展的第一天已经敞开大门。 TLD与姊妹公司一起在 8210 号展位展出 智能机场系统AERO Specialties提供全面的 360 度 GSE 体验,包括最新的智能航空和环保的坡道解决方案。TLD帮助航空业变得更精简、更环保。 我们期待在展位上见到您!

今天,TLD 与所有其他合作伙伴一起自豪地参与了这一重要使命:帮助航空变得更精简、更环保。

2021 年 5 月 18 日,从巴黎戴高乐机场飞往蒙特利尔 YUL 的#AF342 航班在离开巴黎登机口时使用最先进的全电动 TPX-200-XE 后推式拖拉机迅速起飞。

参与此次飞行的法航 A350 使用了一种混合燃料,其中包括法国道达尔生产的 16% SAF(可持续航空燃料)和可回收食用油。

TLD 的此次参与表明了我们对航空和航空运输的环境转型、智能和创新的雄心和承诺。

凭借在 GSE 电气化方面 30 多年的经验,TLD 始终处于这一不断发展的技术的最前沿——正如最新版本的斜坡设备新闻 (REN) 强调的一个特点。