25 Oct 2016

Launch of the TMX-50 during the International Airport GSE Expo in Las Vegas

dsc07733-largeThis week during the International Airport GSE Expo in Las Vegas, TLD disclosed a brand new model of conventional tractor, the TMX-50. This tractor has a drawbar pull of up to 63kN that allows it to serve a large range of aircraft including private business aircraft, regional aircraft and single aisle aircraft including the B737 and A321 series.

Possessing an exceptional maneuverability, the TMX-50 also features a new ergonomic control station that can easily accommodate 3 people. One of main advantages is the direct view of the front hitch, even with the addition of a cab for optimal operational safety. Rear visibility is also excellent thanks to a very low profile.

The TMX-50 is available in 3 different weights (4.5 tons, 6 tons and 7.8 tons) and is motorized with either a T3 engine or T4F (36kW and 55kW).

This new tractor reuses components whose reliability has been proven from use in many other TLD models.

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