As an industry leader in the design and manufacture of Ground Support Equipment (GSE), TLD has always utilised the latest technologies to offer our customers the most advanced product lines. However, simplicity, reliability and the ability to be easily maintained will always be supplied as standard.



Growing autonomous operations is a critical pillar for a leaner aviation. Not only it will bring efficiency and reduce costs for the Ground Handlers, but it will also increase safety and reduce the human factor.


The TractEasy autonomous electric tractor has become the standard for zero-emission solutions covering a wide range of applications, from airport baggage handling to parts supply to assembly lines.

Electric GSE

Ground Support Equipment is a perfect fit for Electric drivelines: However, we also face a growing demand for supervision and automation where these extremely controllable drivelines are making a real difference.


The TaxiBot® is a semi-robotic hybrid towing vehicle designed for taxiing airplanes from the boarding gate to the takeoff runway without the use of jet engine power.


Our LINK Fleet Management solution allows GSE operators to enhance equipment and aircraft safety by providing real-time alerts and visibility to potential hazards.

Alternative Power Sources

TLD has developed a comprehensive range of GSE with electric drivelines to ensure our customers are equipped to help aviation become leaner and greener.


Lead Acid batteries have been utilized in Ground Support Equipment for many years, allowing rapid conversion to Electric GSE. However, there is now an alternative that offers numerous additional benefits.


ASD+ is an Aircraft Safe Docking assistance system that detects the position of the aircraft door, closed or opened, and steers the GSE on an optimal trajectory to dock with the door on its first attempt.

Clean Air

CLEAN AIR is a unique and natural cabin disinfection solution available from TLD mobile air conditioning units and ensures a clean cabin for passenger health and confidence.