Caring and developing

Our people are our most valuable asset! Caring about and developing them is at the heart of our core values. In this regard, the focus on people is part of TLD’s strategic plan. Among many other important considerations such as non-discrimination, diversity, or Gender equality, it includes work life balance, empowerment, and nurture career development within the company.

‘Challenging, fair and rewarding…’

In order to attract gifted people, with talents from very diversified fields, to join and stay at TLD or any of the Alvest divisions, we ensure that we offer them a challenging yet fair and rewarding work environment.

We want to secure our sustainability and the engagement of our employees based on operational excellence, performance and agility. The Group leads a policy of responsible employment, with a will to anticipate transformations, demands for skills and boost its workers’ employability.

‘Challenging, fair and rewarding…’

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‘Strong dedication to talent management…’

The success of any company is a result of the collective efforts of its employees. As a Group we ensure that we have fully geared teams throughout the world to undertake the challenge that the market is offering us. The development of long serving employees, the integration
and development of any employee is
paramount to our group’s sustainable performance. Hence this strong dedication to talent management.

TLD is value driven and employees will have a sound understanding and adhesion in our values and systems. One of our key values is building a work environment that fosters individual growth and personal achievement, which is to say, we are committed to developing our employees technical and leadership capabilities.

A first Alvest Women Network event has occurred last summer in North America, gathering women from all different Alvest Entities. The energy was high but it was clear that our women population feels we have some gaps to close in terms of inclusion!
That event has the opportunity to listen, to understand or to recognize, but also to propose and to build. It was the opportunity to make connections and make the group a reality. That first event, followed by another webinar mid-October “ The Journey from Individual Contributor to Leader” were coordinated by Debbie Dorman, and shall be soon followed by an Alvest Women Network event organized in Europe.
Allowing a stronger communication among our teams is always welcome, and local initiatives are essential to create opportunities to drive this.

Finally, the harmonious development of our employees cannot be completed without a comprehensive Work/Life balance. We truly consider that a balance between work and personal life is essential to the wellbeing of our team members and as a benefit to their productivity, creativity, positive attitude at work and overall happiness.

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