22 Dec 2014

New generation of TLD reGen loaders

In 2009, TLD added to its aircraft cargo loader product line a newly developed 7 ton “reGen” electric model. Like most battery-powered electric GSE, the TLD reGen loaders eliminate polluting emissions and lower maintenance costs. However, unique to the TLD reGen loader is the capture and use of energy   through the hydraulic and electrical system with an innovative and patented design. Energy captured at the descent of the platform is not stocked in the battery, but in super capacitors. As a consequence, when the platform is lifted the energy required is mostly drawn from the super capacitors increasing the autonomy of the loader and avoiding repeated cycling of the battery and thus extending its lifetime.

This year TLD has developed the 2nd generation of the 7 tons energy regeneration electric loaders, the Model TXL-838-reGen.  This new model has an autonomy increase of up to 35% in comparison with the first generation. That allows the loader to work all day long, and even longer, without being recharged, which is a superior performance when compared to all other electric loaders. This autonomy improvement is the consequence of several technical evolutions such as increased efficiency in the drive system as well as the optimization of the hydraulic and electrical system.

TLD reGen loaders are comparably priced to a loader equipped with a Tier 4 Final diesel engine, offering similar performance but with the advantages of no CO2 emissions and no diesel engine maintenance.

Beyond green, the reGen loaders’ innovative design offers all the advantages of electrical-powered equipment without the common drawbacks.

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