16 May 2017

The TaxiBot, already certified on B-737, now certified on the Airbus A320 family

This month, the TaxiBot has been certified for commercial use on all members of the A320 family. The certification, requested and supported by Airbus, has been granted by EASA & FAA.

This follows the conclusion of tests performed jointly with IAI & Airbus last December in Toulouse. The response throughout these tests was very positive, with both test pilots and Lufthansa pilots operating commercial flights confirming a strong similarity between taxiing with and without the TaxiBot. One key feature of this certification on the A320 family, is that it also covers the startup of aircraft engines during taxiing, reducing the total time spent taxiing out thanks to the TaxiBot.

The A320 certification complements the certification for use on the B-737, obtained in October 2014 after an intensive test phase at Frankfurt Airport, supported by Lufthansa and LEOS. Between 2015 and 2016, the TaxiBot “in-service validation” was also conducted with Lufthansa and LEOS. During this phase, more than 500 taxiing missions were performed on commercial B-737 flights at Frankfurt Airport.

With both certifications now obtained, the development and validation phase of the TaxiBot Narrow Body vehicle is complete. A new phase begins, paving the way for future TaxiBot commercial operations.

TaxiBot is a pilot-controlled taxiing vehicle designed to tow aircraft without using its jet engines, thus reducing fuel burn and emissions. TaxiBot is a joint endeavor of IAI and TLD, with the support of Siemens for the electric drive line. As of today, the TaxiBot is the only certified green-taxiing solution.

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