01 Mar 2017

TLD LSP-900-V-e

Lower emissions: fully electric powered with no exhaust gas

Silent thanks to the electric driveline

Prevention of aircraft damage due to the well positioned cabin allowing a frontal approach towards the aircraft

900 gallon capacity

Vacuum system finishes the job within seconds

economical: no fuel consumption, reduced maintenance (especially in terms of lubrication oil and filter replacements) and an efficient self-propelled TLD chassis creating a lower total cost of ownership

TLD Lavatory and Water trucks have been on the market for over 10 years. As part of our continuous efforts to reduce emissions and use cleaner energy sources, we have developed a fully electric powered vacuum aircraft lavatory servicing vehicle. The project began in late 2015 and the first prototype was built the following July, featuring an innovative front-basket which allows safer operations around the aircraft, and a very cost-efficient, self-propelled TLD chassis.

The LSP-900-V-e offers the same great features inherent to this product line:

  • The forwards approach towards the aircraft significantly reduces the risk of impact and allows a one-man operation of the machine.
  • The elevating working basket can extend to a height of up to 5 m (16.4’), enabling it to service all commercial aircrafts.
  • The compact nature of this equipment ensures it can be shipped in a 20GP container.

With a 900 Gallon (3400L) total tank capacity (600 Gallon waste tank + 300 Gallon rising tank), the LSP-900-V-e is able to service up to 1xA380 (554 gallon), 2×747-8 (300 gallon), 3xA330 (184.92 gallon), almost 20xA320 (30.91gal) or even 35xB737 (17 gallon).

The fully electric powertrain of the LSP-900-V-e does not emit any exhaust gas, minimizing its environmental impact both in terms of noise pollution and harmful emissions. Maintenance requirements are also significantly reduced.

Furthermore, high capacity (600Ah) lead-acid or Li-Ion batteries enable the equipment to travel for up to 75km whilst fully loaded and on a single charge.

Finally, with no engine noise during operation, the electric motor and transmission ensures a smooth acceleration with no vibration at all, improving operator comfort.

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