27 Mar 2015

TLD PFA-50s support the relief efforts of Cyclone PAM in Vanuatu

Cyclone PAM struck Vanuatu on 13th March 2015, destroying the islands’ infrastructure and causing catastrophic damage, killing around 20 people and affecting 132,000 people.
Two days later the Royal Australian Air Force of Amberley flew in hygiene kits, blankets, sleeping mats, shelter kits, insect nets, water storage buckets and water purification tablets to the capital, Port Villa.
The Royal Australian Air Force also deployed two TLD PFA-50 air-transportable air cargo loaders to support the relief efforts. The PFA-50 air cargo loaders carry a variety of palleted, containerized and bulk loads up to 50000lbs/22.7tonnes, as well as rolling stock. They provide vital airlift support to military and humanitarian assistance operations, on this occasion being available to service military aircraft from the New Caledonian Armed Forces and French Polynesia, the Royal Australian Air Force, as well as commercial freighter main decks from contributing nations.
TLD fields over 70 of the highly successful high-capacity/high-lift PFA-50s around the world and is in the process of replacing the entire Royal Australian Air Force air cargo loader/K-Loader fleet.

Currently TLD PFA-50 is also used by the World Food Programme to unload food and medical supplies in Juba, South Sudan.

TLD is very proud of the support our equipment has provided in ameliorating the dire effects of natural disasters such as Vanuatu, and we hope our PFA-50 will keep serving noble causes for many years to come!

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