15 Jun 2016

TLD products are in line with the INTERACTION project

The INTERACTION project is a European Commission-funded project aiming at helping airports to improve their operation and at developing fully integrated and coordinated management of the processes that converge into efficient aircraft turnaround.

In a Ground Handling article, Diego Alonso Tabares, senior engineer at Airbus, gives an overview of the INTERACTION project. Read the article here

Airports worldwide are facing many challenges every day that includes dealing with complexity of operation, excessive flow of information and management of all stakeholders. The INTERACTION project lead to get all stakeholders aligned (airports, airlines, ground handlers, GSE manufacturers) to work together on this huge project to combine all knowhow and experiences.

More than 40 solutions were explored, checked for feasibility and their cost benefit was analyzed. The most promising solutions have been developed and even tested in operational environment.

3 promising solutions are mentioned in the article: automated docking of GSE to aircraft, aircraft navigation lights powered by towbarless tractors and aircraft turnaround time management. TLD Innovative products are bringing answers to 2 of these 3 concerns:

The automated docking of GSE to aircraft

For every GSE docking the aircraft for handling activities, a driver is needed flagyl how long to work. The human factor creates error and variability. To improve this situation, the equipment can provide guidance to the driver or even perform fully automated docking. This is the mission of the TLD Aircraft Safe Docking system. All TLD GSE docking the aircraft can now be equipped with this automated system. By better monitoring the human risk, millions can be saved by safely approaching the aircraft.

Aircraft navigation lights powered by towbarless tractors

Aircraft lights must be turned on during maintenance towing operations. As maintenance tows can be long, the aircraft batteries may not be powerful enough to power the lightings without the assistance of the Aircraft Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) or from a tractor with a mounted GPU. But recently an interface between TLD tractors and the Airbus aircraft has been developed to supply 115V AC/28V DC directly by the tractor to the aircraft, without need to use a GPU. The lights are thus powered directly by the tractor electrical system, with no intervention of GPU or aircraft APU. The benefits of this solution are less maintenance, lower fuel burn and emissions.

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