18 Apr 2017

The TLD reGen loader delivers its promises

Eight years after the delivery of the first TXL-838-reGen, this 7 ton, battery-powered loader is increasingly becoming the market reference for performance and autonomy, thanks to its innovative concepts and the input from our customers.

The original goal of the TXL-838-reGen project was to operate an electric loader with the speed and power of a diesel loader for a full day of heavy operation, capable of handling up to 250 containers before needing to recharge the battery, in addition to driving between stands.

Now, with reGen loaders on all continents, this machine has demonstrated its impressive capabilities in various situations and environments. TLD customers around the world using this technology agree that the TXL-838-reGen delivers its promises.

In terms of what makes the TXL-838-reGen stand out, it is more than just a diesel loader containing a battery in place of an engine. The entire system has been designed to reduce any power loss. TLD engineers have carefully studied the science of battery technology and the aspects of their use that limit their autonomy and longevity. The reGen system monitors the current draw and particularly the peak current draws that are the unavoidable effect when lifting an elevator. It is actually these current peaks that limit the battery’s capacity between charges, and define the period before it must be replaced due to degradation. This energy flow management system, patented by TLD, also features supercapacitors that allow the energy generated, when the rear platform goes down and when the loader brakes, to be reused (regeneration), rather than wasting it as other electric loaders do today.

The TXL-838-reGen also features an electric driveline and a simplified and optimized hydraulic system to ensure maximum efficiency and deliver more out  of a single battery charge.

The TLD TXL-838-reGen has proved that it is an effective green alternative to diesel loaders that does not reduce operational performance, and that comes with optimized maintenance costs, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

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