31 Mar 2015

TLD Windsor Extension soon operational

Windsor production site is one of the TLD historical factories and has been a crucial resource for the Group for 24 years.

TLD Windsor is producing jet starters, air conditioning units, ground power units as well as military equipment such as cooling units for military aircraft cockpits and avionics.

These past fifteen years, TLD Windsor manufacturing activity kept growing along with the increasing demand for GSE. So far, TLD Windsor had coped with its fast growing activity without significant industrial changes, except for a factory extension of 13 000 ft² built ten years ago.

As the demand for GSE is still increasing (TLD Windsor manufactured more than 900 machines in 2014), and as TLD Windsor is adding new equipment to its product range, we had to adapt accordingly to keep producing and testing machines in optimal conditions.

When TLD Windsor had the opportunity to buy the neighboring building last year, the decision was rapidly made and implemented. Today, the production space has increased from 38 000 ft² to 54 000 ft² and the warehouse capacity from 18 000 ft² to 50 000 ft². This extension will be totally operational by April.

This 48 000 ft² extension will give Windsor the necessary resources to keep developing and better supporting TLD customers.

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