17 May 2013

TLD builds a new factory in Wuxi, China.

tld wuxi china

In order to accommodate its fast expansion in the China market, TLD opened a new facility in Wuxi in 2008 adding to its manufacturing capacity with a factory already existing in Shanghai Pudong. Wuxi is a city located 130 km west of Shanghai with easy accessibility by highway, high speed train and commercial airlines. TLD Wuxi started as a rented facility in the Wuxi New District, near the airport.

To keep up with the growing demand, TLD acquired a vast plot of industrial land in 2010 in the Wuxi Airport Industrial Park for the construction of a new plant, and the architectural design and construction of the first phase of the project was begun in late 2011.

The 1st phase project was to construct a building area of 10,500 m2, including over 1,600 m2 office area. The entire building was designed to an advanced architectural concept, with key features in TLD blue and white. A large glass curtain wall and aluminum panel facade create a strong visual impact with vivid colors you could look here. In addition to environmental protection requirements, safety and energy-saving designs were applied. The roof design is a split-level containing daylighting panels with powered ventilation louvers. A large roof garden offers a pleasant and bright office environment. After final fitting of interior equipment and furniture, the TLD Wuxi factory moved into these new premises in May 2013.

TLD Wuxi produces the following TLD products ranges: loaders, aircraft conventional tractors and lavatory and water trucks. These products, also assembled in other countries by other TLD factories, benefit from the joint engineering forces of the TLD design offices. TLD also manufactures in Wuxi the JST, TLD’s diesel baggage tractor, for the worldwide market.

The TLD Wuxi factory has delivered 340 pieces of motorized ground support equipment in 2013 to customers in more than 30 countries and is on pace to surpass that volume in 2014.

The extension plan of this site is already starting, with the goal to be completed by the end of 2015. At that time, the capacity of the TLD Wuxi factory will double, and it will clearly be one of the largest GSE manufacturing facilities worldwide.

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