22 Jan 2015

TLD Wuxi factory extension launched

The new TLD Wuxi factory was built in 2011 to accommodate TLD fast expansion in the Asian market. The building erected during the phase 1 of the construction spans on 10,500 sqm, including over 1,600 sqm office area. TLD Wuxi produces loaders, aircraft conventional tractors and lavatory and water trucks. These products, also assembled in other countries by other TLD factories, benefit from the joint engineering forces of the TLD design offices. TLD Wuxi also manufactures the JST, TLD’s diesel baggage tractor, for the worldwide market.

In order to accompany the growth of the aviation industry in Asia, TLD has already started the phase 2 of the construction.

The foundation works started on December 29th 2014. A total expansion of 8,400 sqm is being built, including 1,200 sqm of office area and 7,200 sqm of workshop and logistic area. The completion of this extension is planned for November 30th 2015.

With its 20 000 sqm TLD Wuxi will soon become  one of the largest and more modern GSE manufacturing sites in the world.




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