The ACU-2000 Series trailer mounted Aircraft Heating Unit offers a range of models that deliver from 500,000 up to 750,000 Btu/Hr of clean pressurized, heated air to all aircraft or facilities equipped with a standard 8-inch (203mm) connector.

The unit provides filtered air to maintain passenger comfort during aircraft turnover, or to maintain cabin temperature during layovers to prevent damage to onboard plumbing systems.

The gasoline engine supplies the thermal and mechanical energy required to operate the heating system. In the 500 KBtu/Hr model, the inlet air is heated by the blower heat of compression and then passes through a heat exchanger that recovers energy from the engine coolant circuit.

In the 750 KBtu/Hr models an additional heat exchanger recovers energy from the engine exhaust. The recovery and use of engine waste heat makes the ACU-2000 a very energy efficient unit. The design is inherently safe thru its avoidance of an open flame and its use of the exhaust gas to water heat exchanger which ensures no combustion by-products are introduced into the delivered air stream and eliminates the possibility of an over-temperature condition in the aircraft ductwork.