The LSP-900-V Vacuum Aircraft Lavatory Servicing Vehicle is designed to provide airlines and the airport servicing industry an all stainless steel unit for application on all current new generation aircraft.

Engineered to the highest standards, the LSP-900-V series stands up to extreme weather and abusive ramp conditions. Improved design features simplified aircraft servicing, provides economical operation, reduces flight delays, cuts maintenance costs and minimizes risks of environmental hazard.

The LSP-900-V vacuum waste extraction system offers significant advantages over conventional gravity drainage: it reduces servicing time by half; eliminate odors; simplifies servicing of aircraft with low lavatory outlets and quickly unclogs obstructed plumbing.

All pumping operation controls are performed from the front lifting platform in a safe environment. The operator's cab is rubber shock-mounted for a comfortable drive and provides excellent ramp visibility. This equipment allows aircraft servicing up to 5m [16.4’] height with 2.9m [114”] lift.

The LSP-900-V complies with common international requirements and regulations.