The TPX-500-MTS is a high speed towbarless aircraft towing tractor especially dedicated for inter-gate and long distance maintenance towing on medium and wide body aircrafts (including, but not limited to B767, A300, A330, A340 and the new A340-600, B777 200/300, B747-100 to 400 and A380 up to 800F).

Its design based on simplicity, on the ease of operation (high manoeuvrability, direct visibility on the NLG, fully automated loading/unloading cycle managed by PLC...) and on state of the art components (DEUTZ, REXROTH, DANFOSS, ..) make the TPX-500-MTS a durable, reliable and a low operating and maintenance cost tractor. A dedicated electronically controlled 90 kVA GPU is an available option.