The TPX-200-MTX is a high speed towbarless aircraft towing tractor which can perform push back operations and maintenance towing on all aircrafts from AIRBUS A319/A320/A321, A300/A310, A330/A340 (full range), A350, DC9, MD80/MD90, DC10/MD11, and BOEING B737, B757, B767, B787 ,B777 aircrafts (full range).

An elevating cab is available as an option to handle EMB190, B727 and make underbelly operations. The TPX series have a unique cradle design with a central articulation between front and rear chassis preventing jack-knifing situations. The driver is perfectly aligned with NLG and very close to the cradle to perform safe operations.

Its failsafe and fully automated loading and unloading cycle is unmatched in its simplicity and security. For maintenance towing a dedicated 90 kVA GPU is available as an option. Like all TLD tractors, the TPX series are efficient in design (2WS, 2WD) simplifying operational and maintenance tasks while offering the best TCO of comparable tractors.