The NBL-E is an electrical belt loader, designed to accommodate multiple power sources including: lead acid, TLD iBS lithium-ion, hydrogen, and hybrid systems providing great operating range at zero emission. The NBL-E can serve all aircraft bulk doors for baggage and oversized packages. It is built with heavy-duty components and AC motors to guarantee robust reliability and low maintenance costs. The unit comes with multiple best-in-class safety features for both operator and aircraft, such as ASD (Aircraft Safe Docking) to secure the approach of the aircraft. Flexible customization also allows the NBL-E to meet any customer requirements (e.g. ASD “no touch”, adaptable handrails, front bumper, controls, vehicle tracking, remote troubleshooting…).The NBL-E has been ergonomically designed in order to provide excellent visibility, easy access to key components and intuitive control panels. It allows for quick and safe access to the aircraft thanks to the rear access steps, handrails and stable walking surface. As the world reference, the TLD belt loader offers superior performance on the ramp and optimized total cost of ownership for the most demanding operating conditions.