TLD electric gse

Ground Support Equipment is a perfect fit for Electric drivelines: They are driving relatively short distances, with limited speed, but they also face a growing demand for supervision and automation where the extremely controllable electric drivelines are making a real difference.

But moving to Electric goes far beyond just replacing the diesel engine by an electric motor as it is a complete reengineering of the concept that is required to meet the new efficiency requirements but also to fully benefit from the new opportunities brought by eGSE.

The efficiency challenge

With internal combustion engines, efficiency was a concern, but not a limit. We could always compensate by a slightly bigger engine. If TLD has worked for many years to optimize the fuel consumption with outstanding results (more than 20% decrease with our latest generation GPUs), eGSE is bringing a new challenge where every kWh available must be used for the operation and not wasted in efficiency loss. To that extend, a eGSE is a totally different concept, promoting direct drive versus hydrostatic typically. The result, with the reGen loader line is astonishing with a loader making more than a full day of operation under the most adverse operation conditions.

The battery cooling challenge

EGSE is associated with batteries, and while we used Lead Acid batteries for many years, the more demanding GSE require solutions that are more effective. Li-Io batteries offer larger capacity and increased power to address your needs. With a higher power demand, batteries create heat, and the simple solution is to cool the batteries. This is possible but creates high loss of efficiency (to compensate the heat lost, but also the cooling capacity!)

1) With our TLD iBS solution, we have developed a unique system that is so optimized that it can work without cooling, even in the Middle East. And a eGSE without cooling is not only more efficient, it is also a lower maintenance cost and a simpler machine!

2) The performance opportunity eGSE is a perfect balance between performance and efficiency. To improve that balance even further, TLD has developed specific software, the PMCS®, that take your on-going operations as well as the unit condition (battery level, temperature…) to define the optimized set point of functioning. You will get all the time the best of your eGSE.