Alternative Power Sources

To help aviation become leaner and greener, TLD has developed a complete range of GSE with electric drivelines. However, E-GSE goes far beyond the replacement of Internal Combustion engines with Electric motors. Our industry, and our world, is today focusing on several challenges at the same time, and our joint mission is to address them at the earliest opportunity:

Our Challenges

1) Internal Combustion engines will disappear, and this will happen over the course of the lifetime of the GSE you will acquire now. This evolution needs to be anticipated in an economical and efficient manner.

2) Infrastructures will take longer to adapt to this evolution and will remain in shortage while technological choices (Electric, HV or LV, Hydrogen…) may vary. You need to acquire GSE that will adapt to your existing infrastructure and allow you to operate within existing constraints

3) The subsequent shortage of infrastructures mean airports will face shortages in the supply of power. Today, as The GSE industry is focusing on Turning Electric, TLD is already anticipating and developing efficient Electric Drivelines, allowing significant power consumption reduction, up to 50%.

Our Commitment

To address those challenges, TLD has pioneered Electric GSE.

We have designed and developed for more than 20 years, and continue to innovate with Electric Drivelines, associated with alternative Power Sources (Batteries, Hybrid, Pluggable Hybrid or Fuel Cells), allowing you to adapt your GSE to your own airport infrastructure.