The JET-16 electric baggage tractor is built for safe and efficient operation on the ramp. The sturdy steel chassis with forward cab orientation provides great visibility, easy access, protection for the operator, superior stability and durability in the harshest ramp conditions. Its short turning radius and ease of use make for high maneuverability.. Designed to accommodate multiple power sources – including 80v DC lead acid battery, TLD iBS lithium ion battery, and even hydrogen – the JET-16 boasts great autonomy at zero emission. AC voltage propulsion technology enables progressive acceleration and high speeds over long distances, as well as excellent towing capabilities – up to 25 tons. While towing carts and dollies remains the mainstay of the JET-16, handling light aircraft and helicopters is also within its scope of capabilities. Designed with adaptability in mind, it can be configured to specific customer’s requirements with a wide range of options (auto-on headlights, seat-safety-switch, automated parking break, Link telematics, and much more )