The JST-E electric baggage tractor is built for safe and efficient operation on the ramp. The sturdy steel chassis is designed to durably withstand harshest ramp operations. Electric power steering ensure maneuverability and overall simplicity of use have established the JST-E as very competitive and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional baggage and cargo tractors. Powered by Li-Ion battery, JST-E boasts great autonomy, allowing for opportunity charging, high speeds over long distances and excellent towing capabilities – up to 30 tons. The Human-Machine-Interface is common to a wide range of TLD products, thus facilitating operators’ handling of the unit, as they are able to go from one machine to the other with no additional training. Furthermore, when equipped with “Link” telematics, JST-E can easily be monitored and administered remotely, as part of a fleet supervision software. Designed with adaptability in mind, it can be configured to specific customer requirements thanks to a comprehensive range of safety options, including inching and seat-safety-switch.