TXL-838-reGen Series

The TXL-838-reGen is an electrical battery powered self-propelled, dual-platform loader designed to transfer containers and pallets weighing up to 7 600 kg (16,700 lbs.) TXL-838-reGen is available in configurations STD, WID, UNI and SUP* to service all commercial aircrafts requirement.

The TXL-838-reGen features a unique, patented TLD designed system that optimizes the energy consumption and battery life thanks to an innovative power management system that includes the regeneration into super-capacitors of the energy, usually lost, of the elevator going down. The electrical components installed on the TXL-838-reGen are 80 Volts, off the shelf and commonly used and known in the GSE industry.

This state of the art system provides the TXL-838-reGen the best autonomy along with a significantly reduced operating cost compared to an engine powered loader while keeping the same performance.

*The reGen technology is complementary to our TXL-838-series versions (STD, WID, UNI, & SUP). See other datasheets for more details