The WSP-900-E is the electrical “twin brother” of the well-known diesel aircraft potable water servicing truck WSP-900. It is designed to provide potable water to all narrow- and wide-body commercial aircrafts. It allows access to the aircraft in forward mode for best visibility and safety. The hydraulic lifting platform is positioned at the front and the stainless-steel water tank is rubber-mounted on the chassis. All pumping operation controls can be performed from the front lifting platform, providing excellent ramp visibility. The WSP-900-E can accommodate multiple power sources, whether lead-acid battery, TLD iBS Lithium-ion battery, Hybrid or Hydrogen fuel cells, which allow great autonomy with zero-emission. Thanks to platform design and commonality of many components with other TLD equipment, the WSP-900-E reliability is well proven. It can be configured to specific customers’ requirements with a wide range of options, including an onboard charger, cold weather packages, LINK telematics and a basket safety switch.