The ASD+ system is an Aircraft Safe Docking assistance system that detects the position of the aircraft door, closed or opened, and steers the GSE on an optimal trajectory to dock with the door on its first attempt. The ASD+ system eliminates the need for additional manoeuvring in the crowded aircraft service area.

Perfect Docking

ASD+ automatically reduces the GSE speed throughout the approach whilst also managing its elevation to eliminate operator error and potential contact with the aircraft cause by excessive speed or imperfect docking. The system incorporates fail-safe infrared 2D/3D Cameras that detect reflective targets positioned on the aircraft (SAE standard AS6896) to acquire the position of the aircraft and calculate the trajectory and the necessary height adjustment.

Safety Features

The operator enables the system with a simple push button and manages the final docking movement using an approach joystick, preventing any un-commanded movement.

The sensitive bumpers protect all unit front edges from damaging the aircraft should contact occurs and, automatically trigger and record an impact event requiring reporting and inspection.

The wheel angle sensor also warns the operator if, after the loading operation has finished and before going in reverse, the wheels are not straight and a potential side movement could occur. All these safety features of the ASD+ are designed to protect the aircraft and pave the way for potential future automation.