Our LINK Fleet Management solution allows GSE operators to enhance equipment and aircraft safety by providing real-time alerts and visibility to potential hazards, including over-speed driving, harsh braking, parking violations, over-torque incidents on nose landing gears, or contacts or shocks involving GSE. LINK also enables best GSE equipment utilization and therefore best-in-class GSE operations, providing actionable data such as battery state of charge, equipment operational mode including value-add activities, or flight information associated to GSE missions.

Maximise Your GSE Uptime

LINK being completely integrated within our machines also serves remote predictive maintenance and diagnostics purposes to ensure maximum uptime. TLD LINK has access to all GSE equipment sensors and signals, making it a very effective tool to anticipate and respond to any equipment issue.

Customise Your Notifications

Finally, LINK comes with intuitive dashboards and custom alerts for any GSE operator looking to supervise the GSE fleet and quickly access historical statistics and records. LINK is available on all TLD GSE product lines, as an option or as a standard feature depending on the GSE model.