Clean Air

TLD CLEAN AIR is a unique and natural cabin disinfection solution available from TLD mobile air conditioning units. Keeping air travel safe is the highest priority for airlines. Ensuring a cleaned cabin is paramount for passenger health and confidence.

Expedited Cabin Air Renewal and Disinfection

Here’s how the system works. CLEAN AIR fits inside the ACU unit, blowing disinfected air through hoses. In addition to disinfecting the air going through the ACU, CLEAN AIR naturally generates dry hydrogen peroxide molecules at very low concentration. Cabin air is entirely renewed and disinfected within 3 minutes. And all aircraft interior surfaces, including those hard to reach, are effectively sanitized in a very short time without any chemicals or human intervention. While the Auxiliary Power Unit remains off generating tremendous savings and reducing ground pollution.

Compatible with all Aircraft

The CLEAN AIR system is allowed to run continuously and systematically during standard transit operations and/or during maintenance overnight. It is perfectly safe for people and materials. Effective on any aircraft size, And the system automatically generates a sanitization report after each operation.